How to build stronger, healing-focused client-therapist relationships


Learn about the psychological tools and language techniques that helped clinical psychologist, Nick Wood, manage his chronic pelvic pain
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Nick Wood is a clinical psychologist and academic who has experienced chronic pelvic pain (CPP) for over 25 years.

Faced with having to cope with the condition, Nick was desperate to learn more and has conducted research at both Masters and Doctorate level, producing several doctoral theses on female pelvic pain.

In tandem with his academic activity, Nick has learned to successfully manage CPP to the point where he feels cured – albeit with a small ‘c’!

As both patient and clinician, Nick brings a wealth of expertise and a truly unique perspective to Pelvic Pain Matters.

Nick says: “Based on straddling multiple identities as a clinical psychologist, researcher and pelvic pain sufferer, I aim to illustrate the importance of developing kind and careful discussions around the meaning of pelvic pain symptoms and experiences.

“This means learning to understand the role of stories in our accounts of both illness and health and how this may help guide us in our search towards healing and wholeness, despite the ongoing impact of pelvic pain.

“Pain is not the end of our journey, although it is a massive ‘boulder’ along the way. At the close of my Pelvic Pain Matters session, I will share some psychological tools I have found particularly useful for managing this.”

This webinar is for:

  • Male and female pelvic pain patients
  • Family and friends of pelvic pain patients
  • Professionals who treat male and female pelvic pain or have an interest in starting up their own pelvic pain practice

Patients and family/friends of patients…Why should you join us for the webinar?

Nick Wood is a clinical psychologist and CPP patient who brings a unique perspective to dealing with pelvic pain.

Listen as Nick shares his story and…

  • Learn the psychological tools that helped a clinical psychologist manage his CPP.
  • Learn the techniques used by a clinical psychologist to assist patients and their loved ones with pelvic pain symptoms.
  • Learn to build stronger, healing-focussed client-therapist relationships with the unique perspective of a CPP patient and clinician.
  • Deepen understanding of your lived experience with pelvic pain and why this can aid recovery.
  • Remember, you’re more than numbers on a consultation form – and you’ll hear why the language you use is essential to deepening your therapist’s understanding of your condition.

Professionals…Why should you join us for the webinar?

Nick Wood is both a healthcare professional and CPP patient.

With first-hand experience of chronic pelvic pain, Nick brings unique insight to the successful treatment of the condition some experts say is incurable.

Listen as Nick shares his approach and…

  • Learn professional techniques from a certified clinical psychologist for patients and their loved ones dealing with pelvic pain symptoms.
  • Gain insight into developing the patient discussion points that will get the most out of pelvic pain appointments.
  • Learn how to establish a deep, mutually beneficial rapport with patients by exploring their lived experience of pelvic pain.
  • Learn why a clinician looks beyond clinical CPP outcome measures to a more personalised patient recovery strategy.
  • Develop interview techniques to make the most of time with your patients.

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