“Leaning In” with Sheren Gaulbert


Practical chronic pelvic pain strategies from cognitive hypnotherapy, CBT & positive psychology

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Hypervigilant behaviours or catastrophic thinking may fuel pain – but is avoiding focusing on pain or thinking positively helpful or detrimental?

Join pain relief expert, Sheren Gaulbert, to learn more about what she calls ‘leaning in’.

Drawing on cognitive hypnotherapy, CBT and positive psychology, this unique approach acknowledges pain solutions are unique to individuals – catastrophisers, avoiders and those somewhere in between.

This webinar will be informative and practical; with the help of volunteers, Sheren will demonstrate different ways in which to ‘lean in’ (OR: different ‘leaning in’ processes).

With live feedback from volunteers, the audience can follow along, plus have the opportunity to experience one of the shorter ‘leaning in’ techniques themselves.

Sheren will also suggest a practical plan for incorporating these different techniques into daily life.

This webinar is for:

  • Pelvic pain patients of all genders
  • Family and friends of pelvic pain patients
  • Professionals who treat pelvic pain patients or have an interest in starting up their own pelvic pain practice

Why should pelvic pain patients attend?

  • Better understand the benefits of leaning in and how it differs from hypervigilance
  • You will be guided to explore your inner experiences by safely leaning in and seeing how it can shift things in the moment or over time
  • Learn how and when to incorporate these tools into your life
  • Observe a volunteer being taken through some of the processes

Why should professionals attend?

  • Understand how different ways of leaning in can form part of a better treatment or recovery plan
  • Through experiential learning of leaning in you will get the chance to explore your own internal experiences
  • Start exploring when, where and which particular tools might be utilised with certain patients
  • You may see Sheren getting excited by a recently published randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of cognitive hypnotherapy in adults with persistent pain

Real Life Stories

Our webinars feature real-life stories of people who have overcome chronic pelvic pain. We always aim to have a clinical and patient perspective on the panel and questions from the audience are a really important part of our events.

Sheren Gaulbert biography

A renowned pain relief expert, Sheren was diagnosed with unprovoked vulvodynia in 1999 after a lifetime of intermittent pain and comorbid conditions.

Following 10 years of various unsuccessful treatments, Sheren turned, somewhat sceptically, to self-hypnosis, and subsequently Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH). This was the beginning of her journey to freedom from pain. To uncover why the approach was working, Sheren embarked on further training, gaining a better grounding in pain neurophysiology, which enabled her to help others.

Today Sheren is a pain relief cognitive hypnotherapist, speaker, mentor, educator, trustee of the Vulval Pain Society (VPS) and host of VPS Webinars and Conferences. A member of International Association for the Study of Pain and the Pain Education and Abdominal & Pelvic Pain special interest groups, Sheren is passionate about patient voices being heard and connecting patients with clinicians to foster meaningful, productive discussions.

With a specialist interest in female and male pelvic pain, Sheren is currently working on the Pelvic Pain Toolkit with Pain Toolkit founder, Pete Moore. She is founder of the Break Through Pain Programme, an approach which utilises the QCH framework to help individuals experiencing persistent pain enjoy a better quality of life.

Check out Sheren’s website: https://the-ultimate-you.com/

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