Pain, Peeing and Physicians in Perspective


British writer and novelist Tim Parks talks you through his journey with chronic pelvic pain
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In this, the very first Pelvic Pain Matters webinar we are delighted to bring you the author and former sufferer of Chronic Pelvic Pain Tim Parks. This is a fabulous opportunity for patients and professionals to hear Tim’s perspective as a patient on his journey though pelvic pain

“Pelvic pain does not announce itself with a high fever and vomiting. It creeps up. Then suddenly takes centre stage. Suddenly you find it’s conditioning everything. You expect your doctor to find a solution – a medicine, a treatment, a change in behaviour – as you would for any other illness. But the doctors are at a loss. The target keeps moving. It comes and goes. It plays tricks. Comes the day you feel you’re locked in a cell, your body, with the most miserable of spoilsports.”

Tim Parks talks about coming to terms with the complex tangle of symptoms and emotions that Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome/Chronic Prostatitis (CPPS/CP) sufferers encounter. He believes the only way forward is to understand the condition as an incentive for personal growth, an invitation to change. And to change your relationship with the world of doctors and medicine. Speaking from experience, he will seek to show how implementing the apparently small changes that can turn the tide on CPPS/CP nevertheless involves a deep alteration of mind set. Above all, he will talk about how to find a perspective that quietens and chills symptoms and allows the sufferer to move forward with confidence.


This event is for:

Pelvic pain patients

Family and friends of pelvic pain patients

Professionals who treat pelvic pain or have an interest in starting up their own pelvic pain practice


Why should you join us for the event?

Patients and family/friends of patients:

Hear an inspiring story of recovery and learn how Tim overcame his pelvic pain.

Get practical patient-focused tips and strategies that Tim found beneficial in his recovery

You are not alone! Meet other patients who are going through the same challenges in their battle with pelvic pain



Hear a first hand account of Tim’s recovery from pelvic pain and how his journey can positively influence your practice

Receive practical, easy to implement guidance for treating pelvic pain patients from a patients perspective

Have the opportunity to engage with Tim, other professionals and patients to help develop a brighter future for pelvic pain.

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