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Endometriosis may not strictly be a pelvic pain condition

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Join researcher, Danielle Perro, to learn more about widespread pain and endometriosis.

Danielle will jump headfirst into endometriosis and what we know about the causes of the condition, before exploring pain. Highlighting work done over the last few years, Danielle explores the notion that endometriosis may not strictly be a pelvic pain condition.

This webinar will be informative and educational, sharing novel approaches to understanding and communicating pain in endometriosis. Talking points will include:

  • Endometriosis- what causes the disease, and what causes the pain
  • Burden of pain in people with endometriosis, including a pelvic focus
  • Danielle’s research on widespread pain in endometriosis (encompassing the burden on psychological health and reproductive outcomes)
  • Danielle’s research on chronic pain and reproductive outcomes in the UK-Biobank (a biomedical database containing genetic and health information from half a million participants)
  • Discussion on what causes widespread pain, what may be responsible for the observed associations in Danielle’s work, and the possible implications in a clinical setting

Why should patients attend?

  • Learn more about the causes of pain in endometriosis, and why you may experience pain in areas outside of where your endometriosis is
  • Better understand endometriosis-associated pain, specifically the impact of pain experienced outside of the pelvis
  • Consider new ways of communicating your endometriosis-associated pain to loved ones and healthcare professionals

Why should professionals attend?

  • Consider pain in endometriosis from a new perspective – endometriosis as more than a pelvic pain condition
  • Learn more about the burden of widespread pain in people living with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain
  • Explore new tools for communicating pain in a clinical setting with your patients


Danielle is a third year DPhil researcher in the Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health, at the University of Oxford. Her work over the last few years has aimed to better understand the impact of widespread pain in people with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain, and exploring more generally the burden of pain in people with the condition.

Danielle’s drive to better understand endometriosis began in her undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, where she completed her Bachelor’s of Medical Sciences. It was here she realised just how little was known about the condition amongst the research community, and to an even greater extent, the pain that occurs as a result. After doing some independent searching, and speaking with friends and family, it became clear that endometriosis, amongst many conditions primarily affecting women, are seldom spoken about and remain heavily stigmatised.

Since then, Danielle has become an avid science communicator and writer. Not afraid to tackle the taboo, Danielle has frequently spoken about endometriosis and menstruation in public speaking competitions and online platforms. She co-hosts a podcast series, Unheard of-The hidden voices of endometriosis, which aims to break down some of the biggest questions posed by the endometriosis community in an easily understandable way. By continuing this work, she hopes to facilitate the de-stigmatisation of reproductive health conditions and terminology that people have long been reluctant to use.

You can learn more about Danielle’s science communication and research work here:


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