The Pelvis Uncensored: how to talk about the embarrassing stuff


Dr Sandy Hilton will be exploring different techniques for talking about the embarrassing aspects of pelvic pain whatever the context.

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Dr Sandy Hilton is one of the world’s leading pelvic pain specialists with a deep, empathic understanding of male and female pelvic pain.

Sandy will tackle the sometimes thorny issue of ‘How to talk about pelvic pain’. Quite literally, how to find the right words to share the symptoms of pelvic pain with your doctor, therapist, family, friends and co-workers.

One of the biggest barriers to people seeking treatment for pelvic pain is the embarrassing symptoms. People often delay seeking professional advice because they don’t feel comfortable talking about what they are experiencing.

Sandy is passionate about pelvic pain sufferers gaining access to the right help as quickly as possible: “The sooner someone gets help, the less likely it is the pain will become chronic.”

Many people go undiagnosed for years because they can’t talk about it. This session is about breaking down those barriers to ensure everyone gets the right help and treatment.

Sandy is a warm and incredible woman; we are honoured and delighted to welcome her to present the next Pelvic Pain Matters webinar.


This webinar is for:

  • Pelvic pain patients of all genders
  • Family and friends of pelvic pain patients
  • Professionals who treat pelvic pain patients or have an interest in starting up their own pelvic pain practice

Patients…Why should you join us for the webinar?

  • Learn how to talk more confidently, openly and freely about your pelvic pain
  • Learn how to break down language barriers for greater awareness of your condition and better outcomes in your recovery

Professionals…Why should you join us for the webinar?

  • Learn new ways of looking at the language used when discussing pelvic pain with patients and other clinicians
  • Learn how to make you and your patients feel more comfortable in exploring these so-called taboo subjects

The webinar will feature real-life stories of others who have overcome chronic pelvic pain. They will be discussing why talking about their pelvic pain was a key element in their recovery.

All participants will have a chance to pose questions to Sandy and the panel in the live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.


Dr Sandy Hilton

Sandy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, one of the world’s leading pelvic health experts and founder of Entropy Physiotherapy, a practice specialising in the treatment of complex chronic pelvic pain.

A graduate of Pacific University (Oregon), Sandy gained a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1988, followed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Des Moines University in December 2013.

Sandy’s clinical interest is chronic pain, particularly complex male and female pelvic pain disorders. Her focus is on pelvic rehabilitation for pain and dysfunction with a neurologic and orthopaedic emphasis.

As a renowned expert, Sandy has worked across the USA, speaks internationally on treatment of pelvic pain and co-hosts Pain Science and Sensibility, a podcast on the application of pain science in clinical practice.

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